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Simplified medical charges and payments at reduced rates.

Healthtree™ is not insurance, and is not intended to replace health insurance coverage.

Discount Plan Basics   Healthtree™ offers discounted health and wellness services from participating Providers in return for payment to the Provider at the time of service. Our network of health and wellness Providers will in most instances provide a statement of services rendered and all associated charges before the Individual leaves each appointment. Individual members may cancel services at any time within the initial thirty (30) days, subject to administrative fees.
  We are in the process of recruiting our Alaska participating Provider network; individual Memberships are not available at this time.
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For Providers   Healthtree™ allows participating Providers to reduce carrying costs and billing fees and increase office efficiency. Participating Providers offer discounts of twenty percent (20%) or more off of each service or item received by individual Members, and provide a printed statement of services and charges by billing code at the time of service (where applicable).
  Individual Members can log into the Healthtree website and view costs of services per billing code, per Provider. This enables individual Members to make more informed decisions regarding their health and wellness costs and reduces billing disputes and collection actions.
   Healthtree™ is currently recruiting Providers in Alaska for all health and wellness-related services.
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For Individuals   Healthtree™ provides access to discounted health and wellness services to Members through our participating Provider network. Depending on currently participating Providers, services may include general medicine, vision, dental, hearing, acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy, short- and long-term residential care, yoga, fitness, weight loss, and other health and wellness services.
In return for discounts of twenty percent (20%) or more from scheduled Provider fees, Members agree to pay the discounted rate at the time of service unless otherwise agreed with the Provider. Where applicable, the Provider will provide a statement of services and charges by billing code, as well as a diagnosis code (“superbill”) at the time of service; you may file the superbill with your health insurance carrier, if any, subject to your contract with the carrier.
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For Employers   Smaller employers who do not have sufficient resources to provide medical insurance coverage may still be able to offer the medical discount plan benefit to employees. Self-Insured and larger Employers receive additional benefits of reduced rates for covered claims, enhanced Provider options for employees, and ultimately, healthier employees. Learn More