Discount Plan Basics

Healthtree™ offers Individual Participants the ability to see actual costs associated with anticipated medical treatment at a participating Provider before receiving services. Each Provider is listed by practice type on our website and Individual members may review discounted costs for each Provider by billing code.  Healthtree™ recruits service Providers who agree to provide services at a discount from their regularly scheduled fees; discounts begin at twenty percent (20%).  In return, participating Providers may require payment in full at the time services are rendered. 

A Provider may file with your insurance carrier (if any) as a courtesy to you, but is not required to do so – please confirm with your provider whether they will file for reimbursement on your behalf.  A statement of all services provided and associated fees, along with any applicable Diagnosis Codes,  will be provided to you at the time of service by the Provider.

Membership Fees:  Individual membership fees cover a one (1) year membership period, beginning with receipt of membership information and payment in full.  Costs are as follows: 

                First Participating Household Member:                                  $200/annually

                Second Participating Household Member:                             $100/annually

                Each Additional Participating Household Member:               $50/annually

At the time of signup, you will receive an email providing a temporary membership card (good for up to 60 days).  Your regular annual membership card(s) should arrive before the 60-day period ends; if not, please contact Healthtree™.  In the event that a household signs up additional members within twelve (12) months of the initial signup or annual renewal, applicable annual fees will not be pro-rated for added individuals.  For example:  a two (2) member household signs up for membership January 1 and pays the associated $300 annual fee.  If that household adds another member on March 1st(or at any other time after the January 1 household membership), the annual fee for the additional member would be $50 for the remainder of the household’s membership period (ending December 31st).


Individual membership (not provided by the Member’s employer) may be cancelled within thirty (30) days of initial signup only.  For cancellation to be effective, notice must be received by Healthtree™ before the close of business (5 p.m. Alaska Standard Time) on the 30th day after signup.  The thirty-day period begins on the day following signup:  for example, if a member signed up for services on January 1st, the deadline for cancellation would be receipt of written notice on or before January 31st.  Written notice may be provided via email sent from the email associated with the individual’s membership, by facsimile received by Healthtree™, or by written correspondence received by Healthtree™ (U.S. Mail, hand delivery, or alternate delivery service). 

Each cancelled membership will be refunded according to the method of initial payment at the time of signup, subject to the withholding of a $25 administrative fee by Healthtree™.   For example:

                Household of four (4) cancels two (2) memberships within the 30-day cancellation period:

                $50 membership fee (4th Participant), less $25 administrative fee = $25

                $50 membership fee (3rd Participant), less $25 administrative fee = $25

                                                                                Total Refunded:                        $50

                Household of four (4) cancels all memberships within the 30-day cancellation period:

                $400 total membership fees, less $25 administrative fee per person = $300

                                                                                Total Refunded:                             $300

Refunds may take up to sixty (60) days to process.

Healthtree™ is not insurance and is not intended to replace health insurance coverage.  Please contact your insurance advisor or benefits administrator prior to cancelling any existing health insurance coverage(s).