For Providers

After our initial Alaska Provider network is created, Healthtree™ will be opened to Individual Members.  Provider lists are provided to individual members at the beginning of every year in print or by emailed link, and are updated online for new Providers after January 1st.  Individuals are able to log into the Healthtree™ website to view each participating Provider’s standard fee schedule, and reduced rate per billing code.  Individuals must also be able to contact the Provider’s office directly to obtain cost information.

In return for payment at the time of service (unless other arrangements are made with the Individual Member), Providers discount fees to Healthtree™ Individual Members by twenty percent (20%) or more.  Providers may revise their fee schedules and and associated Healthtree™ discounts per billing code effective January 1 and July 1 of each year, and other times as set forth in the contract.  Providers may bill no more than the lower of their discounted fees within the Healthtree™ network, or pursuant to any “preferred provider” or insurance network, if any, applicable to any covered Member.  Providers agree to discuss any additional charges that may be incurred by the Member outside of the Provider's fee schedule (for example, laboratory work or other diagnostic testing).

Providers agree to provide services for a full year, unless they opt out mid-year.  Providers who opt to exit the system may not reenter at higher rates unless they have been outside the system for twelve (12) months or more. 

Healthtree™ is not insurance and is not intended to replace health insurance coverage.  Please contact your insurance advisor or benefits administrator prior to cancelling any existing health insurance coverage(s). 

TO CREATE A PROVIDER ACCOUNT, REVIEW/COMPLETE THE PROVIDER SERVICE AGREEMENT, AND SUBMIT DISCOUNTED FEE SCHEDULE, SUBMIT THE FORM BELOW. **If you would like to have a representative contact you without registering, please email your contact information and any questions to, or call us directly at 1-833-WEL-LCRD. Thank you!

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